Scott Hardy
Real Estate One TC
Traverse City Real Estate Agent

Welcome to My name is Scott Hardy and I am a lifetime resident and real estate agent in Traverse City, Northern Michigan.

I was born in the Slabtown neighborhood of Traverse City, raised in the Central neighborhood, and now live in TC’s Boardman neighborhood. I also spent summers working on the century old family farm found on the shores of Torch Lake. I currently sit on the Traverse City Area Public School Board, The Downtown Development Authority and have previously spent five years on the TC City Commission and the Women’s Resource Center Board. I also dedicated the last decade running the family contracting business after an initial foray into the world of real estate sales in the early 2000’s. I list all of this to show the vast array of passion and experience I bring to the sale, or purchase, of your real estate investment. I know the people and the process here in Northern Michigan to maximize the value of your investment.

I have now been asked by Real Estate One to join the state’s number one real estate firm. I am thrilled to further my career in the real estate business with REO and to be helping you achieve success in the sale or purchase of your property.  I also clearly understand that this job is not about what I have for sale but instead: What YOU want, and can afford, to buy.

Please contact me at Real Estate One to facilitate making your dreams come true….

Scott Hardy
(231) 492-5898