What’s New On Old Mission Peninsula



  1. The Old Mission Community School (K-5) stands a chance of delivering public education for the next decade thanks to a unique collaboration between Traverse City Area Public Schools and the residents of Old Mission Peninsula. old-mission-school-10-30-16Charitable contributions from Old Mission residents are being collected to buy and pay TCAPS for purchase and operation of the school. It’s a great testament to resolve of the Old Mission residents and their faith in public education.
  2. New Township Supervisor Rob Maingold has his work cut out for him trying to get the local fire department to upgraded levels of service for such a geographically and economically diverse area. They have the money in the township to make the improvements but now need to find consensus to do so. If anyone can do it Rob and his new slate of township trustees can.
  3. Development rights continue to be a hot button for the township. Several new housing projects have been proposed but they have run headlong into a long term desire to seriously curtail new housing growth. Vineyard Ridge on the south end of the Peninsula and a yet to be named development from 81 Development Corp. are both on the docket for construction in the near future. 81’s project is approved and Vineyard Ridge is still in discussion.
  4. New wineries like Bonobo and Mari Vineyards are the latest additions to a plethora of vineyards and tasting rooms on Old Mission Peninsula but they all got their start from Ed O’Keefe (Chateau Grand Traverse) and Bob Begin (Chateau Chantel) who are the original pioneers for the Northern MI wine region. It’s a great area for wine tasting and has wonderful B&B’s that attract both overnight tourist stays and wedding celebrations.
  5. Condolences to the Correia family on former township supervisor Pete’s untimely passing. Pete was one on the great guys in this area and helped start up the TC State Bank. He was also the genesis behind the Red Wings training camp being in TC for the last several years. We’ll miss you Pete…  11/21/16pete-correia-10-27-16