January 2017 What’s New In The Boardman Neighborhood


TCAPS is actively considering selling the Boardman Admin Building. No immediate buyers but working with the County to define a plan for sale and then development of the Boardman space. As with any project of this type lots of moving pieces and timing issues. The Boardman Neighborhood will be kept in the loop and appraised of the different options use of the building.

House sales in this neighborhood have hit a winter slowdown. Still great options available just taking a little longer to get them sold. The Wellington Inn B&B is formally for sale at $3.2 million and is in great shape. Barb & Hank Rishell did a wonderful job restoring the home and it is the perfect in town B&B.

Still working on how to implement the zoning change and even how to measure the 60 feet!! Lots of open issues and questions about the legality of what was passed. The city is now being sued over the charter amendment by developer Tom McIntyre which may eventually settle some of the implementation questions.

The new Park Place development that will feature a new convention center and totally new indoor pool has been scaled back considerably. The dome still goes away to be replaced by a larger and certainly newer convention center. The project is no longer tied to the McIntyre project next door to the dome and is not affected by the Prop.3 passage now. Regency Partners (The Park Place owners) have scaled their investment back from $50 million to $6.5 million.

Sounds (pardon the pun) like the courthouse bell controversy is resolved. This discussion has been going on ever since a small group of Boardman residents put together funding to fix the historic courthouse centerpiece. Following the old adage that “No good deed goes unpunished” the bell now stops ringing at 10:00 pm and picks up again early in the am. I suppose there can now be peace in the neighborhood, at least from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am the next morning.