January 2017 What’s New In The Central Neighborhood


Prop. 3 passed which pleased a number of the Central Neighborhood folks but still leaves several unanswered questions (how do we measure 6o ft.? Do the citizens have to vote before a developer knows whether the city will approve their design? What happens to changes in the project after a vote passes? Do we need another vote if the design changes?) I’m sure we eventually will work it out unless the courts do it for us (see lawsuit filed) The lawsuit revolves around the proposed 100ft development nest to the Park Place in the space currently occupied by Running, Wise, and Ford.  

TCAPS and the City are also looking at creative ways to use the TCAPS 13th street property for workforce housing. Very early in the talks so far and also will involve the Central Neighborhood in the discussion but it’s a positive way to hopefully benefit all parties. The focus is trying to find a way to ensure revenue from the lease of the land for TCAPS as well as density for the site that is in keeping with the neighborhood look and feel. This could be the start of developing more capital projects in the future on the 13th and 14th street properties around Thirlby Field that TCAPS owns and the City of TC wants to develop as a commercial corridor (14th Street).

Following their own Christmas traditions Central Neighborhood did a spectacular job with their holiday lighting drawing folks from all over the area to the neighborhood core. It was worth the visit and I for one appreciate all the hard work that went into making the season special. Both sides, north and south, of the neighborhood did a great job of following holiday traditions for Central Neighborhood.

There will be input requested about 8th and 7th Street from the city. These are always going to be cross street from Division to the city core and the issues are parking, speed and volume. The old path of least resistance argument will be used as the city tries to impact the issue.