January 2017 What’s New On Old Mission Peninsula


TCAPS and the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation have reached agreement on sale of the Old Mission Peninsula School. It was a long time coming but patience and persistence on both sides seems to have provided a fair and equitable agreement for the orderly transition of the school to foundation control in the fall of 2018. There are many people to thank for this, not the least of which are those donors who funded the purchase, and to the parents on Old Mission led by Alison O’Keefe. The new Board of Trustees and township supervisor Rob Manigold were also very supportive of the purchase and retaining public education at OMPS. The next step now is collaborating on the delivery of  educational services for classes in the fall of 2018.

Several new housing projects are in the approval process with township planning.  Vineyard Ridge on the south end of the Peninsula will be having a public hearing on 1/23/2017  at 7:00 pm. The 81 on East Bay is awaiting yet another hearing before the Old Mission planning commission with legal issues still in front of it. This development faces organized resistance from the folks at Preserve Old Mission so let’s see how this unfolds.Logo

There have been rumors that the Peninsula Township Library may be looking for a new home but with the purchase of Old Mission School by the OMPEF that may change. No word yet from the library board on relocation plans…It’s housed in the school and will now have more autonomy to remodel and expand the facility. This is a real treasure for the Peninsula residents and serves a valuable role for parents and kids.

I know it’s winter but make sure to stop by wineries like Bonobo and Mari Vineyards while traveling out the Peninsula. Don’t also forget Chateau Grand Traverse and Chateau Chantal as they are the original “gold standard” wineries on Old Mission.