January 2017 What’s New In The Slabtown Neighborhood


A Jayne Boursaw Photo

The Moorings on the fringes of Slabtown continues to be a source of controversy and seems to be mired in the legal system with no public end in sight. This is a 97 unit, single-family, site condo development. The fight is is now over ownership, project expenses, and escalating development costs. Local developers Bob Brick and Ted Lockwood are majority owners of the 164 unit development and are locked in a legal battle with their minority investor, Mark Johnson.

On a happier note, I think,  the Socks Team has another new condo project finishing up on Randolph Street between Bay Bread and Tilleys. They do a nice job and seem to sell out quickly. Three stories and over 27,000 sq. ft. of condo living overlooking Grand Traverse Bay. All of the units are over 1,000 sq ft and selling for “market rate”. 

Plans are well underway for a spring 2017 groundbreaking on the   eastern edge of the Slabtown neighborhood as GTACS moves to totally reconstruct Immaculate Conception Elementary School. This 12 million dollar project will be a huge upgrade to the current facility but the construction will create logistical issues for Slabtown in that area. GTACS is doing everything in their power to minimize the disruption and enhance the “walkability” of the new IC campus.

ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) are a topic for the Slabtown neighborhood and many folks in other areas of town view them as an affordable housing option. Short term rentals, like ADU’s, are a hot topic for all Traverse City neighborhoods so watch what s say to potential buyers about their revenue options from rentals.

“I think from the report we see that (ADUs) have a place in Traverse City,” says City Commissioner Gary Howe, who also sits on the planning commission and supported the ADU ordinance. “I don’t think having an arbitrary limit of permits per year is required anymore. I would say let the market of people willing to do ADUs be the determining factor.”


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