Feb. 2017 What’s New In The Boardman Neighborhood


The discussion on street improvements has now shifted to 8th Street. Lots of Boardman Neighborhood discussion about bike lanes and building heights in this one. Whatever happens will affect both Boardman and Old Towne neighborhoods as traffic on this East-West corridor can snarl both areas. If 8th Street is closed for construction the traffic will need to go somewhere and different possible scenarios are being discussed. All of those solutions will affect traffic in the neighborhood in a big way as there is no way to go from East to West (Union Street to Woodmere) without traversing the Boardman Neighborhood unless you head all the way North to the Parkway.  This is a classic catch 22 as we all want an improved 8th Street but not the major disruption of the neighborhood to get there. Nothing happens for the next couple years other than street repairs on a surface that is in ROUGH shape due to winter thaws and freezing. From the TC Ticker 2/14/17 as a summary of the plan:

Traverse City commissioners Monday also unanimously voted to approve a resolution of support adopting a conceptual new design plan for Eighth Street. The plan was created by Farr Associates based on public input on the corridor’s design, including a week-long public charrette process last May. The final proposed design for the road features three traffic lanes, two protected off-road bicycle tracks, pedestrian sidewalks and mid-block crossings, and green landscaping featuring flowers, bushes and trees. It also calls for alley improvements and eventually realigning Railroad Avenue and Woodmere Avenue to merge into one consolidated intersection with Eighth Street. The road is scheduled to be completely reconstructed starting in 2018.

Traffic in the alleys during construction and the re-alignment of Railroad to match up with Woodmere seemed to be the most contentious issues. The Boardman Neighborhood has stayed involved as this is a big project and a necessary improvement however it finally develops. (2/25/17)

From a real estate perspective there is a lack of available homes for sale in this neighborhood and still strong demand for housing options. It may be winter that is slowing this traffic but it seems to be holding the value of existing home stock…and that’s always a good thing. The Wellington Inn is still available for those of looking for a  great B&B.