Feb 2017 What’s New In Slabtown

  • The new Munson neonatal projects seems to be headed forward with a possible Prop. 3 vote in it’s future. The plan was approved at the city commission level in late 2016 just before the ballot referendum passed. The problem for Munson is not all the permit approvals are in place and the vagaries of the ballot language don’t clarify whether a vote is still needed to get those building permits approved. The project itself is over 110 feet tall and well over the Prop. 3 limits for an in city project. It also calls for a re-route of Sixth Street as well as a full parking deck to handle the increased traffic. The corners of Madison and Front seems to be a focal point for traffic concerns in Slabtown. While growth of services at Munson is inevitable it seems the focus has shifted back to the urban campus rather than Copper Ridge.
  • The Preserve Hickory folks have done a great job of making their case to the public and donors. They seem to be in the home stretch towards their $3.9 million dollar goal. Laura Ness and Maureen Madion have done a wonderful job steering this project towards completion. For those of us who grew up skiing at Hickory and who worked on previous committees to keep it financially viable it’s nice to see a long term solution finally within grasp. The issue has always been a new lodge and a year round use for the area that would provide a year round revenue stream. The only issue is with more use comes more traffic and Randolph Street will have to adapt.
  • No neighborhood in Traverse City has more iconic homes than Slabtown. Several of them have ready access to Elmwood Beach and a great neighborhood school, Willow Hill Elementary. A Image of 3602 - couple of those homes may be looking to sell this summer and they will go quickly. They have had great “care and feeding” and totally warrant their iconic stature. Several to them hark back to the days of Elmwood Cash and Carry, Ideal Dairy, and even the Elmwood School era.