Feb. 2017 What’s New In the Central Neighborhood


The Pine Street project (previously called River West) that triggered the Prop. 3 vote in Traverse City has been reintroduced at 60 feet and 275,000 sq. ft. It fits on the site and will sold at market rate to the general public. All 220 apartment units will be available for rent with some first come first served […]

January 2017 What’s New In The Central Neighborhood


Prop. 3 passed which pleased a number of the Central Neighborhood folks but still leaves several unanswered questions (how do we measure 6o ft.? Do the citizens have to vote before a developer knows whether the city will approve their design? What happens to changes in the project after a vote passes? Do we need […]

What’s New in The Central Neighborhood of Traverse City


Halloween is HUGE in the central Neighborhood. Thousands of trick or treaters weaving in and out of traffic so please drive carefully. The kids from Central Grade also walk into downtown TC for the Halloween walk sponsored by the Downtown TC Association. Thanks to all who help make this a special day for the area’s kids.