Feb. 2017 What’s New In Old Towne


The discussion on street improvements has now shifted to 8th Street. Lots of discussion about bike lanes and building heights in this one. Whatever happens will affect Boardman and Old Towne neighborhoods as traffic on this East-West corridor affects both areas. If it slows on 8th street it may well back traffic up to Union […]

January 2017 What’s New In The Old Towne Neighborhood


After over a decade of discussions, plans, and studies it looks like South Boardman Street is DOA at the City Commission. It was ranked as a low priority in the 2017 lists of potential capital projects. This, in effect, keeps it well off the radar for this city commission and may well re-direct future funding away from […]

What’s New in Old Towne Neighborhood, Traverse City


WHAT’S NEW IN OLD TOWNE, Traverse City The Old Towne housing market remains somewhat of a mystery when it comes to using a broad brush to characterize what’s selling and what’s not. It’s obviously older homes (some as fixer uppers-some newly remodeled) and younger families looking for access to schools and downtown. Right now demand is […]