OVERVIEW: Neighborhoods of Traverse City, Michigan

image010By Scott Hardy  | shardy0925@gmail.com

The Neighborhoods of Traverse City for the most part go back decades. Many of them share the logging industry as their common thread and have Perry Hannah or William Hull (and his voluminous family) as previous residents.

While the loosely banded groups of residents called themselves a neighborhood the real formalized associations weren’t officially recognized by city officials until the late 1950’s and even then were more social than political forces. In fact my father and former TC Mayor Larry Hardy is co-credited with forming the Central Neighborhood Association and registering it with the City of TC.

image018Traverse City Landmarks

Many historic and commercial buildings are within walking distance from several TC Neighborhoods. The City Opera House, The State Theater, The Heritage Center, The TC Public Library, and The Old Town Playhouse are all within striking distance of Central, Boardman, Old Towne, and, with a little walking, Slabtown & Traverse Heights.

The downtown shopping and eating venues also are easily accessible from your neighborhoods in Traverse City.

slabtown-burgersNeighborhood restaurants like Slabtown Burgers, Bubbas, The Filling Station, and Brady’s Bar are complemented by fine dining at Amical, Red Ginger, Minerva’s, and Georgina’s in downtown TC.

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