What’s New in The Central Neighborhood of Traverse City


Halloween is HUGE in the central Neighborhood. Thousands of trick or treaters weaving in and out of traffic so please drive carefully. The kids from Central Grade also walk into downtown TC for the Halloween walk sponsored by the Downtown TC Association. Thanks to all who help make this a special day for the area’s kids.

What’s New in Old Towne Neighborhood, Traverse City


WHAT’S NEW IN OLD TOWNE, Traverse City The Old Towne housing market remains somewhat of a mystery when it comes to using a broad brush to characterize what’s selling and what’s not. It’s obviously older homes (some as fixer uppers-some newly remodeled) and younger families looking for access to schools and downtown. Right now demand is […]

What’s New in Slabtown, Traverse City?


WHAT’S NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD The Moorings on the fringes of Slabtown continues to be a source of controversy and potential new TC residents. This is a 97 unit, single-family, site condo development. The fight is is now over ownership and escalating development costs. UPDATE: This project seems to be mired in the legal system with […]